I make these predictions irrespective of the teams as I think there will be at least two trades within the top 10 selections.

In terms of the Vikings, I see three alternatives that could unfold:

They will trade up to get Jay Cutler in spots 9-13, if Jay Cutler falls to that point. Cutler has the best arm in the draft and is more athletic than people think. However, he has a tendency to force balls into tight spots and make bad decisions at times.

They will take the best linebacker available at pick 17 if they keep the pick, most likely Ernie Sims out of Florida. He is an excellent speed linebacker in the cover 2 scheme. However, he has suffered from 6 concussions in college.

They will take a cornerback at pick 17. Tye Hill from Clemson is the most likely. He is very fast with good cover skills but is on the small side at 5'11''.

If they stay put at pick 17 and do not see value in either linebacker or cornerback, depending on hoe the picks fall - they will draft the best available running back, which would be either DeAngelo Williams, Memphis or Lawrence Maroney of Minnesota.

I think scenario #2 is the most likely for the Vikings in round 1.

Most Likely picks after round 1 for the Vikings on the first day include (rounds 2-3):

Kellen Clemens, QB, Oregon

Joe Klopfenstein, TE, Colorado

Maurice Drew, RB, UCLA