The Mink is off to another trip to New York to attend the NFL draft with cousin Obey. We annually match wits with the best NFL draft experts including Mel Kiper and Mike Mayock. Unfortunately, we do not get paid for it. 

This years draft is a very interesting draft and difficult to predict. The first round of picks will be impacted by where the Big three quarterbacks (Matt Leinert, Vince Young and Jay Cutler). The strengths of the 2006 draft include:

1) Linebacker
2) Cornerback
3) Tight End

These are areas that you can get great value in rounds two and three. Several teams have needs in these areas and I see these positions dominating the first 50 picks. In addition, I think there will be a lot of movement, in terms of trading up and down, within the first 15 picks. Trading activity will be more active than in past years with the pressure to improve through the draft. In fact, I think the Saints at #2 will be the first trade of the draft and I think Mario Williams will be the #1 pick. I see the first 10 picks like this:

  1. Mario Williams, DE, North Carolina
  2. Reggie Bush, RB, USC
  3. Vince Young, QB, Texas
  4. D’Brickashaw Ferguson, T, Virginia
  5. A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio State
  6. Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland
  7. Matt Leinert, QB, USC
  8. Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon
  9. Michael Huff, S, Texas
  10. Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt